SSgt Alvarez joined the facility on 5 Sept 2013 and began training in the Tower Branch. On 15 Aug 17, he was designated as the Tower Chief.

2008: MCRD San Diego, Recruit

2008: Camp Pendleton, Marine Combat Training

2008: MATSG-21 AMS-2, Basic Electrician I-Level

2009: MATSG-21, AMS-2, Marine Air Traffic Controller Communications Technician

2009: MACS-2 Det C, Communications Technician

2011: VMM-264, 22d MEU (REIN), MMT Communications Technician

2012: MACS-2 Det C, Communications Chief and EKMS Manager

2013: MATSG-21, AMS-2, Air Traffic Control School

2013: MCAS Cherry Point, Air Traffic Controller Crew 2

2014: MCAS Cherry Point, Crew 2 Chief

2015: MCAS Cherry Point, Tower Supervisor

2015: VMM-263, 22d MEU (REIN), MMT SNCOIC

2017: MACS-2 Det C, Air Traffic Controller Plt Sergeant

2017: MCAS Cherry Point, Tower Chief

Deployment History

2009: Operation Enduring Freedom, Camp Dwyer Afghanistan

2010: Operation Moshtarak

2011: 22d MEU (299 days)

2016: 22d MEU Operation Odyssey Lighting

Airplane Graphic