GySgt Hearn returned to the MECCA on 13 Dec 2010 after 7 long years of wandering. It was at this time that he was notified that he would be the facility's next Tower Chief. In Feb 2011, GySgt Hearn took over as Tower Chief...3 days later...he was elected Sheriff of "Crazy Town", awesomeness ensued!

His likes include: Soul Harvesting, puppy kicking and books by Charles Dickens.

His dislikes include: Unicorns, Rainbows and people with abnormally large hands, noses, eye brows or ears.

Jan 26th 1999 Boot Camp

Oct 1999 graduated "A" school, checked into MCAS Cherry Point

Aug 2001 MCALF Bogue Field (MACS-2)

Feb 2002 MCAS Cherry Point

Aug-Oct 2002 Deployed to Kyrgyzstan

Oct 2002 back to Cherry Point

Apr 2004 Baby sitting duties at NAS Pensacola begin

Dec 2007 Beaufort (MACS-2)

Jan-Aug 2008 Al Taqaddum, Iraq

Apr-Dec 2009 FOB Delaram, Afghanistan (aka the Trailer Park)

Dec 2010 back to Cherry Point, Tower Chief from 18 Feb 11 - 22 Aug 13

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