Joe Hendrickson has been the Training Support Specialist at MCAS Cherry Point since retiring from the Marine Corps. He maintains the historical and statistical records for all ATC training that is conducted. He also publishes numerous training reports and newsletters as well as maintaining this website.

Enlisted in the Marine Corps on 27 Jun 1977. After graduating as the Series Honorman at MCRD San Diego, he reported to Air Traffic Control School in Millington, TN. He was initially assigned to MATCU-21, MCAS Beaufort, SC through the Fleet Assistance Program to begin initial MOS training. In 1984, Joe was promoted to Warrant Officer under the Radar Approach Controller program. He retired from the Marine Corps on 1 Jul 1997.

1977: MCRD San Diego - Recruit Training, Platoon 2055 see pics

1977-1978: NAS Millington, TN - Air Traffic Control School see pics

1978-1979: MCAS Beaufort, SC (MATCU-21) - Radar Final Controller

1979-1980: MCAS Futenma, Okinawa (MATCS-18) - Tower Watch Supervisor see pics

1980-1984: MCAS New River, NC - Tower Watch Supervisor, Training & Standardization Supervisor see pics

1984-1989: MCAS Beaufort, SC - Radar Approach Controller see pics

1989-1993: MATCS-38, Tustin, CA - Operations, ATC, SORTS, Inspection, CMS, CMCC see pics

1994-1997: MCAS Cherry Point, NC - Training Officer see pics

1997-present: MCAS Cherry Point, NC - Training Support Specialist (Civilian) see pics

Deployment History

Sep 1978: Operation Bold Guard/Northern Wedding - Vandel, Denmark (MATCU-21) - Radar Final Controller

Sep 1989: Pacific Exercise (PACEX) - Amchitka, Aleutian Islands (MATCS-38) - Detachment Commander

Oct 1989: Combined Arms Exercise (CAX) - 29 Palms, CA (MATCS-38) - Radar Approach Controller

Aug 1990: Operation Desert Shield - Shaikh Isa, Bahrain (MATCS-38) - Admin Officer

Jan 1991: Operation Desert Storm - Jubail, Saudi Arabia (MATCS-38) - Admin Officer

Apr 1993: Roving Sands - Roswell Industrial Air Center, NM (MATCS-38) - Radar Approach Controller

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