SSgt Joshua J. Hall joined the facility on 16 Dec 2013. After achieving a Facility Rating, he was the Tower Chief from 1 Dec 2016 to 28 Feb 2017 and the Radar Chief from 1 Mar 2017 until his departure from the Marine Corps on 30 Jan 2018.

2007: MCRD Parris Island, Recruit

2008: Camp Lejeune, Marine Combat Training

2008: MCAGCC Twenty Nine Palms, DASC School

2009: OPERATION Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan

2010: WTI

2011: Mojave Viper EX, Twenty Nine Palms

2012: VMM-261(24th MEU), ASE Crew Chief

2013: Integrated Training EX, Twenty Nine Palms

2013: H&HS Cherry Point, Air Traffic Control (7200)

2013: MATSG-21 AMS-2, ATC School

2013: H&HS Cherry Point, Air Traffic Controller

2016: H&HS Cherry Point, Tower Chief

2017: H&HS Cherry Point, Radar Chief

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