SSgt Joseph L. Zobel originally checked in as a PFC on 1 Sep 99 and was MOS qualified as a Radar Final Controller on 13 Dec 99 and remained at the facility until 28 Oct 00. After a stint at MCALF Bogue, LCpl Zobel returned to Cherry Point on 23 Jan 02 but only stayed until 27 Mar 02 when he was deployed by MACS-2 until 17 Oct 02.

Cpl Zobel recertified on Radar Flight Data, Radar Final Control, Tower Flight Data and Ground Control. He began training on Approach Control East but was unable to complete his training before transferring to Okinawa on 22 Oct 03.

Sgt Zobel again returned to Cherry Point on 11 Jan 05 and has since become facility rated while progessing through billets as OJT Instructor, Crew Chief, Radar Chief, Training Chief and then back to Radar Chief.

SSgt Zobel was the Radar Chief at MCAS Cherry Point from 23 Aug 07 to 19 Feb 08.

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