MSgt Cruz joined the facility on 31 Mar 14 and began training in the Radar Branch while helping out the ever absent staff. He was the Training Chief longer than any on record, serving for exactly four years from 17 Jun 14 to 16 Jun 18.

2002: MCRD San Diego, Recruit

2002: Camp Pendleton, Marine Combat Training

2002: MATSG-21 AMS-2, ATC School

2003: MCAS Camp Pendleton, Air Traffic Controller

2007: MACS-1 Det A, Air Traffic Controller

2008: MACS-1 Det A, Radar Final Controller

2010: MACS-1 Det A, Tower Chief/Crew Chief

2011: MCAS Futenma, Air Traffic Controller

2012: MACS-4 Det A, WTTP/Radar Chief

2012: HMM-262 (31st MEU), MMT SNCOIC

2013: MCAS Futenma, Radar Chief

2014: MCAS Cherry Point, Training Chief

Deployment History

2008: Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq

2008: Mohave Viper EX

2009: WTI

2009: WTI

2010: Mojave Viper EX

2010: Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan

2012: Philippines Bilateral EX

2012: 31st MEU Spring Patrol

2013: Cobra Gold, Thailand

2013: Ulichi Freedom Guardian EX, Korea

2013: JTF-505 HADR/Operation Damayan Philippines

2014: Lava Viper EX Hawaii

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