SSgt Kelley joined the facility on 3 May 11, transferring from MCAS Beaufort. He was first assigned as Crew Chief for Crew Two and achieved a TRACON rating on 23 Jan 12. As facility management was going through rapid transition, SSgt Kelley filled the Radar Chief billet from 23 Apr 12 to 22 May 12 and then became the Training Chief from 28 May 12 until his retirement from the Marine Corps on 12 Jun 13. His likes are: Midgets, people watching, molding and mentoring young minds. His dislikes: Fat people, dumb people, ignorance and SSgt's.

Sep 1998-Dec 1998 Boot Camp

Jan 1999 MCT

Feb 1999-Aug 2002 MCAS Beaufort, SC

Aug 2002-Jan 2003 Kyrgyzstan (Radar Supervisor)

Jun 2003-Nov 2003 Kyrgyzstan (Tower Liason)

Feb 2004-Apr 2004 MCAF Quantico, VA (Crew Chief)

Apr 2004-Nov 2004 Djibouti Africa (Platoon Sergeant/Tower Liason)

Nov 2004-Dec 2007 MCAF Quantico (Tower Chief)

Dec 2007-Jan 2008 MCAS Beaufort, SC

Jan 2008-Aug 2008 Al Taqaddum, Iraq (FWO/Crew Chief)

Aug 2008-Apr 2009 MCAS Beaufort, SC

Apr 2009-Dec 2009 Delaram, Afghanistan (Assistant MMT Leader)

Dec 2009-May 2011 MCAS Beaufort, SC

May 2011-Apr 2012 MCAS Cherry Point, NC (Crew Chief)

Apr 2012-May 2012 MCAS Cherry Point, NC (Radar Chief)

May 2012-Jun 2013 MCAS Cherry Point, NC (Training Chief)

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