MSgt Bufkin joined the facility on 14 Jan 11, and was immediately tagged to be the facility's next Training Chief. He held that billet from 4 Feb 11 until 25 Mar 12. From 23 Mar 12 - 14 Feb 13 he was the NCOIC.

Like most people, MSgt Bufkin was born. After many fun and exciting years in high school he decided to join the Marine Corps and stood on some yellow footprints on 20 January 1994. After graduating in the bottom 1/3 of his Air Traffic Control class in Millington, TN he reported to MCAS New River to begin his historic career.

In 2011 MSgt Bufkin was designated Hero of the Country and began talks with Hair Club for Men for experimental treatment options. He was promoted to his present rank on 1 Jan 13.

1994: MCRD San Diego, Platoon 1111

1994: NAS Millington, TN

1994-1996: H&HS MCAS New River, TWS, RFC

1996-1998: MACS 2 Det B, CAX, various peacetime ops.

1998-1999: H&HS MCAS New River, TWS, RFC, RFD

2001-2002: RSS Jonesboro, AR, selling ice to Eskimos

2002-2004: MACS 2Det B, OEF x2 (Tower Chief, Crew Chief)

2004-2007: H&HS MCAS New River, TWS, RWS, Tower Chief, Training Chief

2008-2009: MCAS Iwakuni, TWS, Tower Chief

2009-2010: Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan, Detachment SNCOIC

2010: MCAS Iwakuni, Crew Officer, APC (finally all 4 MOS!)

2011-2013: H&HS MCAS Cherry Point, Training Chief, NCOIC, volunteer beer sampler

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