GySgt Allen joined the facility on 13 Jan 12 and on 31 May 13, he became the Radar Chief. On 22 Mar 14 added Training Chief to his duties. His likes are: motorcycles, collecting firearms, hunting and fishing. His dislikes: Toyota Prius automobiles, waiting in lines, windmills, and inappropriately using the phraseology “Roger” while transmitting on the radio. On 6 Nov 14, Gy Allen transferred to Kentucky to begin a tour of Marine recruiting.


Sep 2002-Nov 2002 MCRD Parris Island (Boot Camp)

Dec 2002-Jan 2003 Marine Combat training, Camp Geiger

Feb 2003-Nov 2003 Air Traffic Control Student Pensacola, Florida

Nov 2003-May 2006 Air Traffic Controller H&HS, MCAS Beaufort

May 2006-Jul 2006 Air Traffic Controller, MACS 2, DET A

Aug 2006-Feb 2007 MMT Member, OIF, Camp Fallujah Iraq

Mar 2007-Dec 2007 Air Traffic Controller, MACS 2, DET A

Jan 2008-Aug 2008 Local Controller, OIF, Al-Taqaddum Iraq

Sep 2008-Jan 2009 S-1 Chief, MACS 2 DET A

Feb 2009-Dec 2011 Operations Chief, MACS 4, DET A

Jan 2011-May 2013 Crew Chief, H&HS, MCAS Cherry Point

Jun 2013-Nov 2014 Radar Chief, H&HS, MCAS Cherry Point

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